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Training and Development Programme

Experience in sales and marketing isn’t essential but
sound business acumen, drive, and determination are.

We can provide you with the knowledge, confidence & ability.

Training is intensive and the ‘full-time’ element lasts five weeks, which incorporates your new businesses kickstart activity preparation. This means that it is possible to be trading from week six.

“Not being particularly academic, when I think of learning, it automatically brings back negative memories of school and the classroom.

Since leaving school however my life journey has taught me the most effective ways to learn both quickly and with the least amount of effort. Different people take and retain information in different ways.

I have made sure every learning style is accommodated for.

What’s more, if you feel you need extra help to understand anything within the Franchise, you have my personal promise I will do everything within my ability to help you.

Most of what we do is common sense so, rest assured, it isn’t going to be difficult to learn and should even be fun.

Stephen Megson
Founder of Quiet Storm® and The Storming® Franchise

Your training and personal development will be on-going as we commit to continually increasing and fine tuning your skill sets. However the process must begin with solid foundations, and to get you up to speed we have three stages of induction.

Each stage has been specifically designed to enable you to fully understand the commitment required by you; the methodology you will operate within and its impact on the businesses and personal lives of clients.

Finally, your personal wealth potential, through working with Quiet Storm® and The Storming® Franchise structure.


Discovery Day Application Form
Discovery Day Application Form

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