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Your opportunity to operate in a UK market worth in excess of £8 billion and growing

The number of small to medium sized businesses continues to grow year on year. With competition growing in every sector, each new business needs to create an edge to get noticed and win sales.

Every established business needs to raise their game to combat those new and old competitors focused on stealing their clients. The battle to increase sales against a backdrop of squeezed margins and fierce competition is where the Storming® Sales & Marketing franchise works best.

In a tough economic climate, all businesses need to have a clear focused approach.

Every penny spent chasing new business must count, so it’s critical their budgets are spent wisely. The most successful adopt a fully integrated approach to sales and marketing but this increases the risk as it involves multiple disciplines, often resulting in a pick ‘n’ mix of suppliers.

With so many business consultants, marketing gurus, website companies, graphic designers and business coaches, it’s often difficult for a small or medium sized business to cut through the clutter.

The Storming® Franchise offers a unique proposition, a single systematic approach proven to dramatically increase the sales of small and medium sized businesses.

This simple system is results focused, fully integrated and when applied to any suitable business, is guaranteed to increase their sales. Available as competitively priced individual core elements (Direct Mail, Websites, Sales Presentations, Exhibition Kits, Sales Brochures, Word of Mouth) or with several combined as a total solution.

The system offers low cost entry combined with structured scalability, so no budget is too small or too big!

This means when you approach a business owner or manager with a strong desire to increase their sales effectiveness, there is virtually no barrier to entry. Plus when they add more Storming® products they seamlessly integrate to provide a single sales and marketing system. Thus avoiding the confused clutter of several suppliers working independently.

With a ‘money back guarantee’ underwritten by the parent company on core products, it is a really easy sale.

Which means any size of business with a desire to increase sales at minimal risk will be a potential customer. The potential size of your market is enormous, and you can focus on a niche or territory which suits your skills and experience to date.

Storming® Sales & Marketing helps small and medium sized businesses grow profits by systematically increasing their sales.

The Storming® Sales and Marketing System provides businesses seeking growth and increased profitability, with intuitive results focused marketing strategy and all of the business tools needed to execute it. The process works with businesses of all sizes to develop simple but highly effective, fully integrated actions designed to increase sales.

Clients have an option of DIY, Coached or Delivered solutions, each with comprehensive training and support.

This ensures your clients people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of whatever Storming® tool and process is being implemented.

It also means you have a wide portfolio of solutions to suit a range of client budgets.

Having a single source for all crucial aspects of their sales and marketing process means businesses using the Storming® system reduce duplication of effort, remove excess costs and the system provides the knowledge to develop their people skills. Resulting in a highly optimised and fully integrated sales and marketing system.

The complete system is anchored in a free client cloud based CRM software, Storming® Sales Accelerator - providing ROI reporting, training and accountability.

This unique asset is bundled with the products and services purchased by clients. It is designed to add colossal value to your proposition and is a powerful client retention tool.

This provides you with a great proposition and huge cross and up sell opportunities.

Storming® Sales Accelerator also provides a detailed log of all return on investment made against each activity, plus the software records and audits any actions relevant to your clients success.

This complete visibility enables every product or service to be accompanied with a guaranteed results or a money back promise! Reducing the risk makes it easier to sell and the product guarantee is provided by the parent company not you personally.

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