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Planning and why it is so important

The three reasons most sales and marketing campaigns underperform are because they are:

  • Reactive Not Proactive
  • Company Focused Not Client Focused
  • Subjectively Measured and Not Objectively Measured

Why is this?

It’s because most people do not fully understand the role of sales and marketing, put simply...

• Marketing makes the phone ring.
• The sales process begins the second you answer it!

Every action from this point on must be carefully thought out and meticulously planned. It must be fully integrated in the way you do business.

So how do you get marketing and sales planned into your business the way it should be – and benefit from the results? If you don’t know where you are going – all roads lead there.

Just as you would plan any journey you were thinking of making, you need to set the destination, select the best way to get there given timescales budgets, etc.

It's a sad fact that many small business owners spend more time planning their holidays than they do their sales and marketing.

If you want to grow the profits in your business, you must know your destination BEFORE you set off.

There are NINE scientifically proven stages in the most successful sales and marketing processes. You must fully understand each stage and have a plan which is known, accepted and followed throughout every aspect of your business – if your sales and marketing are to achieve the results you are capable of.

The first stage of The Storming Results Focused Sales & Marketing System is a simple, yet highly effective seven step formula proven to make any marketing campaign provide optimum return on investment.

We've always recommend that clients start off with a FREE workshop, because it whizzes your strategy around. It suddenly causes you to see things in a completely different light.

The best way to grow a business is to create 'structure'. And this workshop shows you what you need to do to have that structure in place.

The video explains the workshop and provides you with testimonials of like minded business owners and managers who have attended.

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