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Lead Generation is all about reaching the right people at the right time?

To get the maximum return from your investment in lead generation you must understand the triggers of purchase, your buyer's needs and be equipped to ‘out-sell’ your competition.

Once you understand there is a predictable cycle to the way your customers buy, you can begin to structure your marketing activity so it is ‘in-tune’ with their actions.

Have you got the balance right?

Targeting those who should be buying with proactive marketing tools:

The most effective lead generation tools for engaging with this audience are:

  • Direct mail campaign
  • Workshops
  • Magalogues
  • Telesales
  • Email marketing

Making sure you are found by those looking using reactive marketing tools.

The most effective lead generation tools for engaging with this audience are:

• Websites
• Networking
• Exhibitions
• Referrals
• PR & Advertising

So why is Storming® so much more effective at generating high quality enquiries?

You can select any combination of marketing tools, all are generated in-house by Quiet Storm®. This means you have one place to get advice on the right product, instructions on how to use it and a guarantee that it will work.

The advice we give is based upon over a hundred years of marketing and sales research – it’s based on science not opinion. All the marketing tools are designed to provide you with a fully integrated systematic approach - so they all work together in harmony.

Why is this important and how does it benefit you?

The products we sell are built with this science in place and we provide you with the knowledge to get the very best results. We are able to offer you the right tool for your business, available budget and circumstance – because, whatever it is you need, we will control the process, quality and price in-house.

If you don’t understand the science behind marketing how can you be sure you are choosing the right partner?

A quick way is to ask them how they will help you sell more and what happens if you don’t!

Storming® marketing tools - guaranteed to work or your money back!

These sales and marketing tools work so long as your people follow the rules. When they
don’t, the process will show you who or what is failing, so you can take swift action.

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