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Client Retention - because customer satisfaction is worthless but customer loyalty is priceless

Your people need to have selling skills to help your existing customers continue to buy. This will prevent competition from entering through the backdoor with a product or service you could have easily provided, had you known they were looking for it.

You must continue to build your relationship through regular communication which is of value to your customer.

All too often the sales process provides constant attention, frequent communication and unsustainable responsiveness. Only for the client's interest and expectations to be set at a higher level than is achievable AFTER THE SALE – resulting in their post purchase experience being a disappointment from the second they place the order.

It's no good focusing on new customers if you can't keep what you have.

Your sales and marketing process must systematically deliver a service level which matches or exceeds their expectations. In the ‘reconsideration’ phase of the customer decision cycle doubt creeps into your new customer’s mind. Most people hate the uncertainty brought about by change.

This is why so many stick with poor suppliers for so long.

Having a systemised approach to maintaining contact levels during and post sale will build the relationship and result in higher levels of retention.

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