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Storming Results Focused Sales & Marketing System

The Storming® Sales & Marketing System comprises of a wide range of client tested marketing products delivered through a scientifically proven 9 stage process.

The system is controlled and monitored through the Storming® Sales Accelerator advanced management information software, which when applied to any suitable business, is guaranteed to increase their sales effectiveness.

The route to achieving significantly greater profits is to:

• Increase Average Order Value
• Increase Average Order Frequency
• Increase The Number Of Clients

This can only be predictably accomplished through a systemised approach to sales and marketing.

Clients' don’t need to have all the Storming® products from day one. This means they can select the product which addresses their most urgent needs with the knowledge it will seamlessly integrate with other tools. They can build their own bespoke systemised approach to sales and marketing at a pace which suits their business and budget.

Here's how it works..

1) First you need a plan and the first in the nine stages provides the directions.

A business plan should be like a satnav in your car, guiding you on the direction you need to take when you need to take them, letting you know if you've taken a wrong turn and above all else be easy to follow.

Storming® has a proven seven step process to follow which guarantees a winning plan BEFORE a penny is invested in marketing tools.

2) Lead Generation - stimulating a manageable flow of high quality enquiries.

Lead generation falls into two key areas; targeting those who should buy who are known and making sure those who are unknown can find what's relevant to them.

Stages two and three explain the buyers proven psychological triggers which activate people into taking action. Then provide the tools required to capture the enquiries of the audiences targeted.

3) Sales Conversion - ensuring enquiries generated aren't wasted opportunities.

Having done all the work to get the opportunity, many businesses fail to motivate the buyer into choosing them. Sales skills are essential in business and stages four through to seven provide a crystal clear process which can be used to increase the performance of individuals on this critical path.

4) Client Retention - developing more profitable business with existing customers.

It's said to cost up to eight times more to acquire a new customer than it costs to retain an existing one. Which means any sales and markjeting system needs to have strategies and processes which focus on developing the existing client base. Stages eight and nine focus on the strategies and tools proven to be most effective when developing business with existing clients.

5) Free Support Tools & Training - sharing the knowledge to increase performance

With each product there is a comprehensive tutorial available online, these are video programmes explaining what works and why alongside a results intensifier, which details step by step instructions to execute the tool in question.

Purchasing any product provides a 12 months user license to the Storming® Sales Accelerator. Access isn’t limited to one person – anyone or everyone within the client's  company can use it.

This isn’t about spending money to improve results, but developing a systematic, scaleable approach to winning and retaining clients.

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