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Rebranding increases orders and opportunities in first six months

The rebranding of Weston Aviation clarified our message and strengthened our proposition.

It definitely resulted in us getting the opportunity to bid for Humberside Airport's FBO handling and went a long way in helping us secure this valuable business.

Easier to convert sales opportunities

My experience of sales before and after the brand and messaging provided by Quiet Storm leaves no doubt, we convert more sales now.

The messaging, how we say what we offer to businesses, now highlights how and why our offer is a unique and valuable proposition to clients.

In business you can miss the obvious

Often when you are in the thick of the day to day business, you overlook the things which make you special.

Quiet Storm were able to look at us with a fresh perspective. They quickly reviewed our strengths and weaknesses in relation to our competition and reposition us with a much stronger case.

The result is a clear defined customer benefit driven message informing them of all the advantages if they choose us.

Whether the enquiry is for personal charter or JIT freight forwarding, it points out the added value we are able to provide.

An investment which pays dividends far in excess of the cost

Like any small business, we run a tight ship. Every penny spent on marketing needs to work hard for us.

The cost of rebranding wasn't simply the Quiet Storm fees but includes the cost of new signage, vehicle livery, exhibition stands and the many day to day stationery items carrying our company logo.

Entering in to this at the beginning was a daunting task which presented significant risk. Quiet Storm handled the process professionally, guiding me through in a highly efficient manner.

Their comprehensive understanding of the risks, the opportunity and my personal concerns reassured me throughout the process.

"It is fast approaching a year on since the rebranding and I'm delighted to report it has resulted in significantly greater levels of opportunity and increased sales conversion."
Nick Weston, Weston Aviation

10:00 30/09/2011

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