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Quiet Storm's free marketing workshop definitely helped us improve our conversion rate

Quiet Storm's Free Marketing Workshop, 90 minutes well spent

Louise Taylor
Solicitor - Fishers Solicitors

Quiet Storm's Free Marketing Workshop

Initially I was contacted by Carole Baker I think we acknowledged within our business that there was a number of things we needed to look at with regards to our marketing. I know that Lawyers are notoriously bad at selling their services so it was to get more of an overview about how we’re working and conduct a diagnostic of our marketing processes.

The workshop was free – a 90 minutes well spent I would say I found the workshop incredibly useful – I went there with a couple of my colleagues as well – we went back, we reviewed the marketing plan we had in place at the time we looked at who we were targeting because I don’t think our marketing processes were formalised and weren’t targeted sufficiently so we went back and conducted an overall review of where we were. As a result of that we put some new processes in place different enquiry procedures. I booked myself onto the Business Accelerator course to follow that up and as a result we ‘ve had some new leads and our conversion rate has definitely improved.


10:00 30/09/2011

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