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Quiet Storm® Solutions the company behind The Storming® Franchise

Since 1987 Quiet Storm® has successfully provided marketing solutions to businesses and helped them to increase sales.

During this period we observed the clients who enthusiastically followed the advice and instructions given, always achieved faster and longer lasting success.

We asked ourselves this question...

“How can we ensure that every one of our clients achieves the same level of success?”

The answer was simple, we needed to find a way of helping them to ‘know what we know’ and ‘think like we think’ and above all else, make sure the advice and information was translated into action, as knowledge alone is never enough.

The Storming® Results Focused Sales & Marketing System was designed to provide these three critical elements which have determined the success of businesses implimenting a systemised approach to sales and marketing.

1) Know what we know
A FREE introductory workshop, audio programme and comprehensive online training resource explains the structure needed to build a highly effective systematic sales and marketing process in any business. It shares the tactics and strategy that will guarantee success, no matter whether its a business start-up, or has it been around ‘forever.’

2) Think like we think
Comprehensive tools and support, with clear direction and a strategy in place we provide the tools to execute your plan. Whether you need direct mail, a website, a brochure or something else – we have the resources to deliver highly effective tools on the most limited of budgets.

3) Action, accountability and return on investment
Every client gets a FREE CRM, the Storming® Sales Accelerator, to minimise effort and maximise revenue. It systemises basic requirements, like storing the names, addresses, notes, attachments, and sales opportunities of your ‘targets’, ‘prospects’ and ‘customers’. It can be used to send individual or mass letters/emails and track who opened them, view what links were clicked, web pages visited, etc. The dashboard provides KPI’s on all your critical marketing activities and sales pipeline. It pulls together the individual tools and processes, providing you with access to the relevant knowledge and empowers you with information and choice.

Storming® is the only Results Focused Sales & Marketing System dedicated to SME’s and accompanied by a money back guarantee.

It provides the tools, knowledge and skills to make sales more predictable – because it makes marketing as easy as painting by numbers.

Given that we have proven this systematic approach to marketing and we have a scalable business model, the question I am asked most frequently is...

Why do you want to franchise?

The Storming® process and product range have been developed over a 6 year period and proven during more than two years of field tests. This has created a wide selection of client testimonials and evidence of Quiet-Storm® and the Storming® processes success.

Quiet Storm® has been successfully delivering significant returns on investment for clients since the company was founded in 1987. The principles and methodology of this success are at the core of the Storming® Results Focused Sales and Marketing System.

Franchising the Quiet Storm® methodology and core proposition is the most pragmatic model to achieve controlled business growth targeting SME's.

SME's, or small to medium sized enterprises, make up a small but profitable profile in our client mix but Quiet Storm® is not equipped to grow this area of the business further, without dramatically changing its current systems. This is because unlike the larger organisations we have as clients, who have entire departments, dedicated to marketing; smaller business owners and managers wear many hats. Which means they need support, someone they can build trust in and who will understand their personal and business challenges; someone who shares the business owner mindset.

Having explored and tested all viable options I arrived at the conclusion that creating a franchise was the best solution to focus on this profitable area of my business. As a result it's something I have been working towards since 2003. Having invested eight years and approaching half a million pounds to reach this point, it isn't something I will allow to fail.

This is why I have created the Storming® Sales & Marketing franchise proposition,

The Storming® Sales & Marketing System comprises of a wide range of client tested marketing products delivered through a scientifically proven 9 Stage process. The System is controlled and monitored through the Storming® Sales Accelerator advanced management information software, which when applied to any suitable business, is guaranteed to increase sales effectiveness.

It provides extraordinary value for money and contains everything needed to build a highly effective sales and marketing system, something used by every successful business.

You can rest assured that I will put all necessary Quiet-Storm® resources behind you, to help you achieve all of your business and personal goals. Helping you become a successful Storming® Marketing Franchisee and to create the work life balance you want.

You can find out more about, our clients and the success they enjoy - visit the main Quiet Storm website.

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